Waste treatment

Who we are

CEMBOX is a young French company interested in developing and offering new ways of recycling concrete and other derivatives from the concrete industry. The need to recycle in today’s world is really powerful, especially when it comes to the most utilized material in the world – the concrete. Our aim is to meet this need by using our extended know-how from the concrete industry in order to offer valid solutions in ways that are economically and environmentally viable, now and in the future.

What we do

CEMBOX helps several important construction companies to recycle concrete and other concrete derivatives by offering three products at the present time: the CEMBOX concrete tipper, the spinning top wash tipper and the sedimentation platform.  So far we have helped companies all over France and also many country from all over Europe.


A sustainable development is at the heart of our strategy and it helps us innovate in the processes, products and solutions for sustainable construction. We believe that our ongoing investment in the protection of the environment will develop our societies and also will enhance our long term performance.

Our challenge : ZERO waste in the concrete industry

By developing our innovative activities, we hope to create added value for our clients, offering quality products and services that meet the current requirements of the construction and civil engineering industry. In order to work each day to protect the environment, we are committed in providing our clients the best solutions so that they can reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.