Presse release :  january, 2017

CEMBOX: an innovating concept for an environment-friendly concrete

Every year, millions of cubic meters of concrete are made and used to base and build a multiplicity of  constructions. But if the concrete is on our civilization base, its has a major inconvenience: its deployment is not ecological …

The professionals of the sector have done many efforts to handle the concrete waste, as well as wasing waters machines. France and the whole world are committed in a sustainable development initiative and each aspires to steps away in order  to limit the environmental impact of the human, including  the construction sector.

In this context, Mr Daniel LEBREQUIER, very experienced in the concrete area, had the idea to create 11 years ago a concept, CEMBOX, to make some eco-friendly concrete.

CEMBOX  announces two new products to handle the waste of the concrete industry:

A concrete tipper to recycle fresh concrete waste and make eco-aggregates and  a silo decanter to handle washing waters in order to reuse this waters.

CEMBOX revolutionizes the sector of the concrete with environment-friendly solutions of recycling

Until now, the concrete has no really good press because, in spite of his undeniable advantages in the sector of the construction, it has a major defect: it is not very much recycled.

The concrete professionals are then confronted with a real problem: how to continue to build by protecting the environment? How to respect the new standards? How, in practice, to manage the  concrete waste after construction  or washing waters machines?

Good news: with the quite new concept CEMBOX, there is a secure, successful and economic solution to create some eco-concrete.

This one bases on 4 pillars:

  • The concrete tipper to handle concrete waste
  • The sedimentation platform to handle washing water and eliminate all the discharges in the natural environment
  • The mould to value the fresh concrete in order to make 1,5 tons transportable blocks
  • The silo decanter  to reuse the water waste