Washing container

Removable box suitable for the settling of wash water from mixer trucks or concrete containers.

Reception of washing water from concrete transport equipment on site.
Landfilling in an inert waste center of heavy elements recovered without prior sorting.
Economical: The large volume of the CEMBOX washing containers makes it possible to evacuate the waste from the decantation of the washing water with limited transport and landfill disposal.

Reliable: The simplicity of the system guarantees use adapted to site conditions.
Ecological: Allows the treatment of washing water without discharge of loaded water into the networks.
Safety: Reliable, efficient and autonomous sludge emptying system.
Patented: The design of the CEMBOX washing container uses the technology of the self-lifting peeling tool which has been the subject of invention patents.
Innovative: the CEMBOX washing container is equipment suitable for receiving and settling wash water from mixer trucks and construction site concrete skips.